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dS fic: Episodic Romance

Episodic Romance

R 70,000 words
Find it at the Red Ships Green Ships ‘Zine ETA: Link down, back soon

Now Available at my website: Episodic Romance.


Ray almost wakes.

Ray doesn’t want to wake; he wants to drown in sleep. Sleep is cool and placid and leaches away every single thought, just as sure as the water sucked the warmth from his muscles in the Henry Allen. Ray doesn’t want strong arms grasping him, or hot breath forced between his lips and into his lungs; Ray kicks and tries to wrench free. He wants to go back, dive back under, burrow under his comforter to find the serenity of the drowning. That still moment when nothing matters any more, because everything is certain and everything is a long and dreamless sleep. But the more Ray struggles, the more Ray tries to wrench free and have the current take him; the more aware Ray becomes. The more awake Ray becomes.

The more Ray remembers.


I’d like to thank yeungmaisu for actually asking me to write something for the ‘zine, for lighting the blue touch paper and standing back, and for fanning the flames. torakowalski is still the most amazing beta known to man. shadowkitty needs love for looking over some of the text and, most importantly, letting me dance around her room possessed by Ray Kowalski when I first conceived the plot. papajoemambo needs thanking in more ways than I can count, I'd tell you, but then I might just be spoiling things. isiscolo was my pacemaker and our swapping of progress and writer’s block stories kept me going when times were tough. grey853 and bluebrocade saw an early draft of the opening and helped me with my Anglicisms. My entire livejournal friendslist deserve love for the support they’ve given me, and the hundred synonyms for vomiting.

I would also like to thank j_s_cavalcante who liked this enough to help me spork my britishisms and help me out writing a new and better ending and generally being a supportive (and really nice) person.

Thank you. Any flaws left are mine. Without you, this thing would have fallen apart long ago.

Feedback always appreciated.
Tags: bfp, big fannish project, due south, fanfiction

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