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You should date NIGHTCRAWLER! Also known as Kurt
Wagner. As far as men go, he is prince
charming. He may look like a devil, but he is
far from it. You like a man who will treat you
like gold, and Kurt is just the man to do that
job. Besides, you think blue fur is very kinky.

Which X-Man should you date?
brought to you by Quizilla

At last, a quiz that gives the answer I want. (As opposed to "Jean Grey in a red sequined negilige with whipped cream" which is what I got the last time I tried something like this - and it's Carlos Paccheo art, yum!)

All I need now is for the idiots upstairs to quit it with the loud bass racket - it is 1.20 am and I would like to drag my virus ridden body to bed.

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