little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

monday: return from the dead


I've been variously, archaeological volunteering on tuesday (I did a section all on my own: a very boring possible iron age ritual pit now under the m25), dead on wednesday, continued dead with occassional bursts of cross stitching, at a christening on sunday (which ended with me dead)...

Key words: dead, co-dependant, weeping, snivelling wreck.

bbd has decided that what I really need is fresh air.

parents keep trying to encourage me to apply for jobs that will a) make me miserable and b) mean that I sleep the rest of the time and c) honestly, who would employ me? I'm dead at least once a week. I just don't think I can hold down a job and the parents are being stubborn and not getting it.

hello to j_s_cavalcante, who is being good, and shadowkitty, who isn't - part of the whole evil twin job description. The emails were much appreciated and read with interest and horror.

the_dosk linked me to knitted daleks.

Have I missed anything interesting? Like? Fic? Interesting theories about hughncallum, joenbilly, fraser and ray?

p.s. watched first episode of durham county before death. enjoyed. have theories of the media studies type? Is the power station a metaphor for the darkness the residents are ignoring? Are the girls in the masks a proto greek chorus? Comments on suicide with detachment etc as opp. crying with mask off.
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