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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

help! can somebody find this thing, i don't know where to start

help! can somebody find this thing, i don't know where to start

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hugh house
Okay, will somebody point me to the Buffy/CSI cross-over that was probably Gil/Greg and features Giles, a booby trapped grimoire, Greg being Andrew's "cousin", and Willow blowing up a hotel room...

Google-fu-ed: Electron Bonding by Amireal and Beccacat.

It's kind of bugging me and I want to read it. I tried my likeliest suspect and no joy.

CSI last night was actually good (once you got past the Grissom/Sara ick. I'm not against Het or anything but it can be filed under most unlikely relationship and the whole thing's too sickly for words. Is it me or has writing taken a dive this season? Don't rush to answer). Mummyfrog came in for the last fifteen minutes and died laughing.

If I told you this weekend featured mummyfrog polishing the floor at the bottom of the stairs in anticipation of the BT man coming and fixing the phones, can you guess what happened next? Cunning hint: mummyfrog has her arm in a sling and it's not broken.
  • I laughed and laughed at CSI last night. Man, how many ways can a guy die?

    And Grissom/Sara is the creepiest canon ship i have ever seen. It;s just...weird.

    And the writing has taken a dive this season. Off a very big cliff.

    The minature killer thing has really got old...I am past the point of caring.

    • I'm not watching regularly, partly because of disinterest and partly 'cause I do volunteering on tuesday and end up dead a lot.

      So I was, gosh, wasn't the miniature killer done already? Wasn't last week's episode as dull as ditchwater? Character development of the lab bunnies was all well and good, but there was no substance and deliberately kooky cameos.

      Creepy. You've hit it on the nose. Invasion of the body snatchers kind of creepy.

      It was really funny once you got past the retching sounds. You know they have problems when I start telling mummyfrog how ick G/S is.
      • Awww. Well if I miss it the reaction is - meh.

        And yeah the minature - how long can we drag this plot point out? Did they need to give the main cast the week off? I know it's getting bad when I openly think Hodges's scenes are one of the best things in it.

        That is what it is. Maybe she wants to eat hsi soul, or the other way around. They spend so long int he dark they could well be vampires.

        It is ick, pure ick. Makes you feel ill. My mother groans when we get the hints about it. Took her awhile to realise though.
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