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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh huh (twitch)
I was watching the X-files on Fox (some reason they call their channel FX, but basically it's fox. Fox. Mulder. Heh. The magician who screwed his head off. And a series one about a fallen angel. Is it me, or does Scully sound kind of odd?) which had a lot to do with reading Viridian's lovely slash last night for want of something better to do.

But that's not important.

They had a trailer for Dexter (this girl's favourite literary sociopath) but they only said COMING SOON.

I hate "coming soon".

Here's a link to the youtube of the opening credits. Aren't they beautiful?

And I was talking to the_dosk (for those not in the know, my brother) and he said "bet they start when we're on holiday"

*gnashes teeth*

My brother's just done that thing, you know, when you tempt fate.

(Buzzy will kill for Dexter)

ETA: just rewatched the opening sequence and there's a Brandy Alexander creditted. My inner Chuck Palahniuk fan is squeeing. Uh? Beautiful Monsters features Brandy Alexander, Queen Supreme. Last holiday's Nice Tasteful Holiday Reading.
  • I was watching the X-files on Fox (some reason they call their channel FX, but basically it's fox.

    FX is one of our cable channels. Meaning you have to get he premium package to get it. We have a Fox channel that is like ABC, CBS, and NBC. Meaning free tv.

    It is owned by Fox, but since FX is on cable they can be more risque (American risque not others risque). They are held to a different less restrictive standard.

    We also have FMC which is Fox movie channel which only shows films from the Fox library.
    • Kitties!

      Ah. See, I didn't know that. I was like "Why has fox decided to launch a uk station and then called it FX?"

      If it's conforming to US branding, it makes a lot more sense. We've recently started getting an ABC channel too.

  • I think our Sky is part of Fox, too. Ooh, Brandy Alexander? Maybe I should try watching Dexter. I've heard lots of squeeing.
  • The series is about a serial killer who targets serial killers.

    If the viewer didn't know this then it would be taken as a seemingly innocent man getting ready for the day ahead.

    I think this is a good approach because once the viewer finds out in the first episode then the sequance all falls into place and becomes extremely well planned [and slightly disturbing by alluding to his darker nature].

    I think the intro is great

    By the way, the third Dexter book (the book series that forms the basis of the series) will be called "Dexter in the Dark", and will be released on July 19.
    • I'm glad you think the intro is great. The books are pretty awesome, too, and I'm interested to see how Dexter's "voice" translates into television.

      You continue to rock rockingly.
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