little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

It's a kind of peace offering: a slashy book rec

People who read this and go "urgh" at slash should probably skip this one. If you like a nice well written book that qualifies as "kinda gay" (sorry for the Buffy-speak), this will hopefully be right up your street.

I think this was the first slashy book I read, and it was probably the first with gay sex in it, and it still qualifies as "most interesting sex scene" ever.

Okay it's called "Marked For Life" by Paul Magrs. It's very good. But the plot is very hard to summarise, because it does get rather heavy on the magic realism towards the end.

It's all about this (bisexual) guy with all-over tatoos who is a full time dad to his daughter, he won't tell his wife that he's been getting letters from his (gay) ex in prison, but then she won't tell him that she's having an affair with a policeman. She's estranged from her mother and her lesbian lover, who claims to have been serially reincarnated. Then it turns out that the ex isn't in prison and kidnaps Sally (the daughter)...

And that's before we get to the houseboy, the magic realism and the disembodied hands...

It's all rather fab.

The author does have (a slightly clunky) website if you're interested.

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