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Writing exercises and beta request for rough and fucked up hcl fic

To get myself writing again, I opened up my file of random Hard Core Logo starters and wrote some more. I let the ideas just flow into my fingers. Wondered where my Moorcock with the original Ulrich von Bek was (the_dosk is on a fantasty jag) and still let things just flow in from the back of my brain.

Billy never knew what turned Joeseph Mulgrew into Joe Dick. It’s like half-remembered lyrics sitting on the tip of his tongue. It’s like the taste in the back of his mouth after a night in a band-house without any sleep. He just doesn’t know.

Sometimes the old Joe surfaces

How about a Fight Club treatment of Joe Dick? Billy as the guy both of them are fucking. John and Pipefitter as the weirdoes Joe has recruited and their mission is to piss on the world, break music and piss in the ruins.

burn out the cancer, burn out the cancer, burn out the cancer, burn out the cancer, burn out the cancer, burn out the cancer, burn out the cancer, burn out the cancer, burn out
the cancer, burn out the cancer

bucky gets shot for real, and in the delirium there is Joe. You fucker, you arranged this. Hello, douchebag, it was already going to happen, I just skipped a couple of fucking tracks.

Super special No-Prize to anyone who knows what the cancer stuff is from. It might even explain the extreme fucked-up-ness of the rest of the stuff.

And now I've written 800 words of totally dark and fucked up Hard Core Logo. We're talking about the level of fucked in the one where Billy fucks Joe's skull level of fucked. Worms and Epitaths

Does anyone want to look over 800 words of incredibly schizoid Billy and the thing inside him and dead people and how Billy is a gun... (it's hard to explain and might be faintly moorcockian) and there is no sex in this thing.

Contact me before I lose my courage and just delete this thing

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