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Little Nemo is LOVE

I thought I had lost my zebra, but papajoemambo has found it. (There was also caffeine but that's not important) Joe has an awesome Nemo in Slumberland post with Windsor McKay appearing in his own film drawing the characters and then animating them with 400 hand drawings. I am always amazed by everything McKay could cram into the strips particularly the colour and the incredible level of detail. Massive peacocks, dragons, and epic ladders into space are for the win! the_dosk has totally geeked out on me, which is not surprising because I = geekgasm. And oh yes, in the live action bits cue fantastically surreal visual jokes and is it any co-incidence that the guy who comes into the office post the paper goes flying because of the guy with body language like the black tribesman character, PC he is not, but charming he is looks like the spitting image of Flip (except not green)? *Loves loves loves*

Catch it here folks!
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