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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Buzzy behaves like a fangirl: where's the prawn?

Buzzy behaves like a fangirl: where's the prawn?

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hugh house
Talking to papajoemambo about Tom of Finland dolls (yes, that Tom of Finland: Brother, the crow says don't look!*) They have detachable penises? How cool is that? Disembodied penises! And three per doll *dissolves into fangirl porn* Can somebody remind me where the due South doll porn is? If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. Because to recast that with better penises would be ART I tell you...

*have I ever exposed the_dosk to The Crow? Might need to see if I can find a copy at the local library, where I am going to be wholesomely volunteering tomorrow
  • *ears prick up*

    Due South porn dolls, you say?

    *glances at Ken!Turnbull doll*

    ... Yes, I think he likes that idea.
    • It's awesome and trashy. I needs that link, I'm telling you, especially with neighbours and thumpy music, I need it for theraputic reasons.
      • Porn is always the best kind of therapy.

        *watches this post hopefully*
        • Uh, the person who was talking about Tom of Finland linked me to doll strap-on porn (not sure what you would make of that) http://snipurl.com/1pwx6
          • DOLLFIE STRAP-ONS!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!

            *gets prodded by her dollfie*

            No, Byron. You don't need one. You're a boy already. Remember when everyone asks am I sure you're a boy doll, because you're so pretty? and I prove it to them? ... yeah...

            Mmmm, yeah. I've never seen that before, that's for sure...
  • oh hell yes! I'm might have to get me one of those dolls.
    Now doll playing is finally dignified.
  • I have one of those dolls. Also Gay Billy and Gay Tyson. Only Tom's penis is detachable (so you can choose erect, flaccid, or...I can't remember, maybe bent? Maybe cut or uncut? I haven't taken him out of the box in a while.) Also, he comes without his dick attached, and once you attach even the "flaccid" one, you can't get his pants closed. He's that huge! (Billy and friends also are inhumanly endowed.)

    I, er, do collect dolls. The normal kind. Most of my dolls are the normal kind, and I love them and display some of them. T-o-F and Billy and Tyson aren't on display, though. *cough* I'm thinking people wouldn't understand. :)

    I've seen doll porn in Star Trek, because ST dolls have existed for decades. We don't have Mountie and cop dolls! That's the problem!
    • Actually, there is a Mountie doll, or the uniform, which fits Ken and Action Man size dolls, at least. And I managed to lay my hands on a Sam Browne since taking this photo, so he wears that as well now, just the lanyard to find/make ^_^

      Suddenly, I have an urge to go and make my own cop doll....

      *sighs* I swore that I never played with dolls when I was a child, that's why I play with them now, but then last weekend dad went up the attic and found http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v48/lipstickcat/?action=view¤t=weekeightsaturday18thAugust.jpg, and that's only half of them... *facepalm*
      • You've kept them in lovely shape! But that's only a few, for heaven's sake. I have dozens and dozens! I'm older, I think, but that can't stand as an honest excuse, because I collected almost all of the ones I now have in the last 5 years or so.

        Anyway, obviously I totally understand! And I love dolls!
        • Have you come across Japanese ball-joint dolls - dollfies at all? If you haven't yet, I promise they will be your downfall....
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