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dead like bob: brane, job apps, work, wingfic, hewlett, cross-stitch

I think you must have all worked out that buzzy incommunicado = brane being evil. (Yes, I really need to write a welcome newbie-guide interpretation thing for everyone friended in the big friending spree, but why break the habit of a lifetime? ;-)) Seriously bad brane behaviour causing a 10-rated headache that even made my scalp too tender to sleep on. Cue crying all over bbd, much crying over bbd, who is trying to build a shed right now.

Brane = hate

The good news is that I finally have an appt for my OGN (occipital nerve injection) and it is Wednesday. There was a drop-out so I'm going to get up close and personal with needles. Scalp tenderness seems to suggest that the thing is going to have some effect.

I guess that's my birthday present.

Currently, I am attempting to fill in job apps, because I don't want to spend all of my birthday (tomorrow) doing them. Talking of birthdays, the isographic pens are still working fine. I got an absolutely torturous job on Thursday tracing through diagrams of painted wall plaster, which would be fine by they were done in coloured pencil and about as accurate as my elbow. Also, the yellow was impossible to see and there were no defined edges. The drawing guy says it is because I am getting on so well. If this is a reward, I hate to see the punishment.

Have totally not done anything with the new beta reads on the wingfic story. Because brain = cheese. Still unsure about title, "right beside me, far away" ("somewhere between distance and skyline" was nabbed for a HCL fic (brynmck?)) or the incredibly jokey "you show me yours, and I'll show you mine" (probably too flip and better suited to a wingfic discovery story rather than established wingfic) or "untitled wingfic story" (the current front runner)

I'm sure there's something else I want to talk about...

Oh yeah, Boa vs Python: really really bad movie that makes David Hewlett seem strangely appealing. Doesn't really live up to the early promise of the scene with the guy eating out his girlfriend in the car (at least she dies happy, really happy). Oh god, cliché-a-rama-a-rama. I lost somebody too. And the plot is serious wtf-ville.

I only put it on to laugh at DH's hair (which was strangely alluring). Bad brane led to serious cross-stitching. Patterns are nice. Now have one sampler (non-fannish sadly, need to work on that) that I didn't have before. It was on 11hpi aida, so you can't blame eye-strain.

God, I feel dead and am only alive through the wonder of caffeine.

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