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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hard Core Logo Request

Hard Core Logo Request

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hugh house
Somebody got a picture of the "Spin" Magazine cover from the movie, the one with the Jennifur line up (and Molly Parker)? I need to get these people to look right even if the rest of it sucks.
  • (Anonymous)
  • There were a few in the HCL caps folder I uploaded a ittle while ago:

    Those work?
    • Er, sorry for extreme size there! *g*
      • No, extreme size good. I started writing Jenifur segments without any picture references, which was stupid, and I was thinking they were grungier than that. And I only had 3 people who were not Billy... You've saved me from some pretty awful mistakes here. *carefully gathers pictures and sticks them in her research*

        You win! Muchly! Dysfunctional Billy here we come!
      • And doesn't Billy dress completely differently when he's not around HCL? Except for the airport sequence, we see Billy in these punk ensembles that are almost trying too hard... hmm.. or is the Jenifur gig Billy trying to hard (that fits nicely with the thing)
        • Well, in a successful band being shot for the cover of Spin, one would think he has Been Dressed, you know? Maybe he was content with his shades and the grunge look, but they moussed up his hair and got him a different jacket and made him take the sunglasses off. And what about his expression? Kind of pouting his lips out . . . is he mugging (like the others)? What does that mean?
          • The photographer doing "boys look glum, girls look like supersmart and bitchy" yeah, that's possible. This is what, a year or two later, and Billy's telling himself that he knew Jenifur was a done thing when he signed up, all he's done is get the vital third album (enough to do a greatest hits fourth album). I like the sparkly princess look. Certainly Billy has been dressed, but I think he would have tried to dress himself, he's much more concerned with the technical... sound levels and mixing and textures and I guess the image of the band... and not connecting with the band emotionally or anything... he's just working it as a 9 to 5 job, he's basically taken any emotion that doesn't involve the music - which he gets increasingly obsessed with - in a box and never takes it out and thinks he's living.

            This is really good for getting this stuff out, thank you!
            • He might have tried to dress himself or head off the makeup girls, but it might have been too much trouble, you know? With the manager bothering him, and the girls laughing behinds him and the million people trying to touch him, to shine him up. He might have just gave up to get it over with. Because who cares? He's not invested, like you say. And it wasn't like he was in contact with Joe at that moment anyhow, who was the only one who would have mocked him about it, and fuck him anyhow. I think it's avoidance. He's not living. He's going along because it's Jenifur and LA and that's the next thing . . .

              No thanks necessary. I never get to think this out. :D
              • Oh no, I appreciate the thinkity greatly. It helps me. I've only just started printing my drafts and scribbling on them. I've only just started distancing myself (ironically enough).

                Also, Billy has patterns, he's seen one implosion with HCL and he thinks that Jenifur will eventually play out the same. Interestingly, I have him staying dry in the thing, but it is all about the music and getting lost in harmonics... Billy thinks he's avoiding the tornado when really, he's not... he's avoiding all emotional interaction and faking any he does get beautifully (at least on a public level, he's all soundbites and "right" comments).

                Billy doesn't know this: more of my love affair with the unreliable narrator.

                Now to re-write the first 3000 words again (all I've got and I'm already re-writing, what's happening to me? Have I grown an internal beta?)
                • Unreliable narrators FTW! \o/

                  Your sounds like Billy to me. I think he's the sort to think he has more control and more maturity than he has. The guys ragging on him by calling him "Billy Hollywood" rings true in some ways. He looks down on them, but he's just as fucked up, albeit in slightly different ways. World-weary but not world-wise.
        • I've been staing at these pics and I'm pretty sure that Callum is wearing his own shirt there.

          Smae shirt?
          • Possibly. The Spin shirt doesn't look striped to me though. That may be the resolution playing tricks . . .
    • I just noticed. In the topspace: the Headstones. So there is a fictional!Hugh walking around in the same universe as Joe Dick (would commentators compare them as Hugh as the younger, prettier version?) Oh, the bunnies!
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