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okay, so paper bangles is provisionally renamed angels and porno magasines, which at least is a real song-lyric and not based on my mishearing a Beatles song. I had this tape, when I was fourteen, called the Beatles Rock and Roll. The sound quality was pants, but I loved it. Until I looked up the lyrics for the original (completely unworkable) version of Paper Bangles (version as in homo habilis is a version of humanity) I thought the singer in Back in the USSR had "paper bangles around his knees" and "jojo is always on my ma- ma- mind".

Anyway, watching jcjoeyfreak's hcl vids to get myself some Hard Core Logo love and build up to some serious re-watching (wishing I hadn't chucked out my clipboard now) and note taking of things to incorporate and speech patterns to immitate etc... Love, Love, Love. I've never thought of myself as much of a vid person... (feel free to point me to hcl vids right now)... but it brings back to me how expressive Joe/Hugh's face is. For a conman with a fraudulent charity benefit... it's amazing how open he is and how he wears his heart on his punk rock sleeve.

And the Salut! line is exactly how I want it for the project. It's in the asking... *nods happily*

I haven't crashed off the trippy tans yet. *thaumazdo* Seriously good. Computer skills for the unwitting tomorrow. Maybe I can print some and do some working out, or edit the Armando thing thus far and cull the bad bits...

Am worried that tomorrow will turn out bad head. The bad ones tend to hang around a lot.
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