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I did my stint as Computer Helper for the Inept at the library (which was boring due to lack of Inept). I got through that despite a growing headache. I made some corrections/suggestions on the first couple of pages of the Armando thing (now titled I Don't Want To Be A Bad Guy and still songfic) I'd have got further but the inactivity meant I kept doing rounds of the building looking for an Inept. If the Inept do not come to the buzzy, then buzzy comes to the Inept.

I've spent the last 3 and 1/2 hours or so working on alterations. I am now Revision Girl! The beginning has at least three layers of revision and I keep on refining and expanding and bringing out Armando's life and character. It's good, but I'm wondering if I'll ever meet the end. I'm just about holding off the headache, which is heading towards really bad, having crept into my neck

I know it will hit once I stop for dinner, so I'm trying to get work in.

So what happens? Neighbours get all thumpy-thumpy music again, which I can hear over my stuff. Grr.

Ow! My neck hurts. And my shoulders. And my forehead.

But at least I looked hot. :-) Beaded skirt and pink t and rings...

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