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In stitches! Archaeology! OTP! Nemo!

Guess who won a second cross-stitch kit? Writing to magazines wins, except for the incredibly tense waiting part. Still, £19 of stitching, cool.

My head is pretty argh! today.

BBC4 had an archaeology night last night. What did they kick it off with? Dr Who and the Daemons! Sorry Simm-fans, Roger Delgardo and his beard are still the best Master. Seriously, one who otp: Master and beard. There was also Sir
Mortimer Wheeler and his moustache. Clearly my boss' role-model.

the_dosk has posted a post of early animation by Windsor McKay. *loves* You really should go and have a look. papajoemambo, this means you.

I'm looking as soon as youtube plays nicely with my interweb connection.

In exchange, may I offer the_dosk lots of pulpy sci fi cover goodness. Wasn't Ron Turner the guy who did the Daleks strips?

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