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Wings! Gorgeous Wings! And slightly Manic Buzzy! Okay, "slightly" might not be the word...

sandrainthesun rocks.

She has made me the most gorgeous cover for This Land Is Made for You and Me, which I love. She picks up the red hues from the opening and does gorgeous and subtle things with it. Subtle and beautiful wings and the sheer "guh" element of the seamless way it all meshes into Ray and the curve of his back...

...It all makes me want a serious lie-down, if you get my message.

Hell, why are you guys still here? Go See!

And for those of you who liked the fic, here is the opening paragraph again;

Ray sits on a boulder at the edge of the lakeshore. The rock is somewhere between the colour of rust and sunburnt skin; the colour changing with every flicker of the autumn sun through the trees. It’s still hotter than Ray expected it to be here. And it is still too light for the mosquitoes and midges to come to feast on his bare skin. Lichen grows on the rock like some organic tattoo. The water laps up against it, betraying that the water is nowhere near as calm as it appears.

Doesn't it just fit gorgeously? Like I said, all the reds and brightness.

In other news: Lack of Inepts at Computing for the Inept, left me with time alone with my dsss. This is a big mistake as it told me
a) huge steaming heaps of meta about what is really going on in my narrative. For those who don't know, I am more than capable of meta as I write... it results in some scary things
b) a voice telling me that the thing needs a total and utter restructure to fit in with matters I have vouchsafed to sprat

Let the insanity commence!

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