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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh house
Seekrit Santa entry is where it belongs.

woolly_socks deserves lots of shiny and dorks in hoodies.

Tomorrow: de-stress

After that: consider next steps. Mysterious, huh?
  • Oops, I just emailed you about that. It's pretty much perfect, though.
  • Dorks in hoodies?! Where?
    • Last night, me. Maybe I can find my brother and put him in a hoodie.

      Lay a trap for your postman *taps nose secretively*
      • *GLOMP* My postman brought me beautiful goodies from you!!!! Thank you so much sweetie! It made my day, which if you saw my post, you know SUCKED HARD. I like the fluffy ones best of all!
  • So Christmas can come :)
    I just hope that I've had your correct mailing address. Otherwise, somebody else might get surprised sometime in between the Christmas days and New Year's Eve ...
    I need holidays!

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