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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

More Reccing

More Reccing

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fraser: lost boy
Anyone in it for good Authority fic, should head over to wreathsandbells Five Ways to Kill a Man With Your Bare Hands, and One Way to Kill Him Without Lifting a Finger

It's Apollo/Midnighter, like 90% of the output of the fandom and wonderfully violent and sexy, but what really hits the mark is the characterisation of Midnighter. He is a man with a computer is his head which tells him how to kill people a thousand ways. The stuff set in early in their career is just awesome, the way that Midnighter just can't stop blurting out how he would kill everyone he meets. The Apollo stuff is awesome and it has a nice progression through to the moment they sign up for Jenny Sparks. It rocks, read it.
  • I've only read one Midnighter book, and half an Authority book (loved the Midnighter one, but I'm struggling a bit with the Authority one...), but I adored this fic so much! Thanks for the rec ^_^
    • I used to have Authority icons. A kick-ass Jenny Sparks for one.

      Which ones? The Authority is not one of the best-served comics in that it suffers slightly too much from the sort of writers who do things because they think they are cool. :-( By that I mean writers doing dumb as rock things because they're busy thinking "he's liek batman but gai ROFL". *sigh* Anything Authority written by Warren Ellis is good.

      I'm glad you liked it. It's really good Midnighter characterisation. The old Apollo/Midnighter slash list hasn't been updated since 2004 (which means it takes some of the more contemptious bumph out of the system) but still rocks with almost every link a winner. I like Midnighter just because he is one of the best characters with an internal monologue that is instantly recognisable. And because he relies more on smarts and slightly crazy plans that he does on traditional superpowers.

      (Should I mention that I did an authority/torchwood crossover AU and wrote a quick and dirty guide to the authority to help it along? (I've also written a couple of Midnighter-ey stories and some porn)

      (Uh, and I have the action figures)
      • That's where I've seen Jenny Sparks before! Ah-ha!

        Hmmmm... *reaches under bed to fish out books* Midnighter: Killing Machine and The Authority: Relentless. They both have nice friendly "1"'s on the cover because unless you say something like "Hugh Dillion is in episode 3", I'm a stickler for doing things in chronological order. I haven't bought graphic novels in years, but etcetera_cat sold me on them with "there's a canonically gay character" ;P

        (Links please ^_^)

        (\o/ Do they get canonically posed?)
        • This comment is a mess, forgive me

          I haven't seen the Midnighter one, but then my comic buying high point was pre Summer 2005 and I haven't got the funds to descend back into comic-filled joy. Relentless is pretty much the best you can get (volume 2 - under new management - is worth it for the ellis half but after that the series gets progressively wonkier). Stormwatch: A Finer World is just worth it for the pre-Authority sheer slashiness of two guys who hide in warehouses and like bats with nails in.

          (linkies? *tries to do it in her head* http://www.hive.ckrweb/net/autindex
          http://www.hive.ckrweb/net/autindex.html (duh)
          should get you everything of mine. One ficlet goes with some fanart by the awesome vejiicakes who does art even better than the books (and the yaoi parody is just class))

          (Repeatedly. Mid's coat makes it bit awkward though)

          ETA Death is Just a Dream (the Jack / Authority crossover AU)
  • I've been trying to decide if I should purchase The Authority books. Should I do so?
    • The first two tpbs ("relentless" and "under new management"are worth it *points up*. Good writing and "widescreen" superheroics. The Ellis/Hitch creative team (their Stormwatch tpbs are also more that worth your money, "A Finer World" is the one that introduces Apollo and the Midnighter)

      After that, not so much; the writing and art have suffered a lot since then and it is pretty clear that DC (who bought out Wildstorm) don't know what to do with them. So it's a matter of how obsessive you are that you can ignore all the clunks as the wheels fall off (repeatedly, a lot).

      Basically, I am a comics obsessive and have a fair number of them (but not the current reboot, about which I have heard enough dire things), but your mileage may vary and sticking to the good stuff is a pretty good strategy.

      Uh, writing advice is not my forte.

      (I also have about 2,000 US comics, so nerd much)
      • The current reboot is so terrible that I had to write fanfiction in order to forget it happened. In my head, Warren Ellis' run and Revolutions are the only things that happened.

        . . . don't mind me, just passing through.
        • That kind of terrible scares me. The sort where you can't find any fun in it. At comic marts, I can find the most absurd comics and still accept them for being amusing etc. Uh, I lost the thread there.

          . . . don't mind me, just passing through.

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