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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

For a tired person, I write a lot: buzzy eats the fruit of knowledge (well, actually her first...

For a tired person, I write a lot: buzzy eats the fruit of knowledge (well, actually her first...

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nm: sapientia

fresh mango, but we are being all metaphorical here

Good grief, I'm tired. I'm behind with the bloggery and just really tired. Trust me, there is a really long list of everything I want to blog about once I am not at risk of falling asleep on the keyboard.

In short:
  • I haven't seen Torchie or Reaper yet this week
  • I did, however, see an awesome pilot on BBC3 called "Being Human" which I suggest you track down. A vampire and a werewolf decide to get a flat together and find the former owner is still there. It sounds lame, but is amazingly good. I am already in love with my Jewish werewolf with an IQ of 156, Mitchel the vampire is just a perfect mess, and the ghost is rather cute and very dim and overfond of making coffee. It packed so much in and managed to be funny and scary...
  • Right now, I don't feel too hot, but it seems the Stellonstein effect is still hanging in there. I've had two weeks of feeling vaguely human
  • The frustrating part is that I can't throw myself into things like a dynamo
  • I had a mock interview with Career Lady on Wedsnesday in which I was the twitchiest twitchy person ever and wasn't much better for pretty much all of the day, leading to manic fruit buying in Tesco (hence today's mango experience, bbd very wisely didn't have me weild the knife. Also, I am using his computer so no firefoxy spellcheck)
  • And THE INTERVIEW; I guess you all want to know. It seems I have not sullied my trackrecord of consistant failure. For once I thought I was not doing badly, I'd jumped the pit with spikes and dodged the big sharp pendulum, and just as I was within reach of the idol, I realised it had been switched with a Lindt bunny. Cards on the table, pretty much, my selection test scores (both times I've done the assessment round, they were pretty much the same genre of test) were too high, 95%. I was, she said, too smart for the job and they thought I would get bored. Oh, but we will put you on file in case we need slightly twitchy people with an accuracy fetish.
  • The crochet was going badly (except for the bit where I found two huge boxes of knitting needles in the local charity shop and scoured them for cheep hooks) with nothing counting right and my usual compact tension making a mockery of hooks suggested. Mummyfrog decided to have a clearout; so I am now a happy owner of more embroidery cotton (which I even wrapped onto little card things whose name I have forgotten) and some kits. I am now wrestling with the most badly centred chart in the universe.
  • And last, knittery and crochetty people will really like Garn Studio/ Drops Design a website full of free patterns and - be amazed crochet people - instructions in British and American terms!
  • Lastly, I am reminded how much I downright hate Relic Hunter, but that is probably a rant for another day when I will tell you about the sexism, laughable - I wish - "archaeology", and the sheer crap of it all
  • You're too smart? Damn that sucks.
  • Being Human rocked my socks. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the vampire plot, which seemed a bit old hat, that they were clearly pushing for a series with (though the leader was very tasty). I'd much prefer a sitcom-esque series with the three mains, and maybe some more focus on the hospital. But as a pilot and a one off, it was utterly brilliant, and I'm glad I stayed in for it.
  • Downloading Being Human from BBC iplayer as I type
  • Stupid job people. *hugs you*
  • Grr, I hate companies who think like that! *hugs*

    (Also, do you know if yeungmaisu is okay? I just realised she hasn't posted since early November.)
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