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To Do: Kill Tony Blair With Student Loan Form

Been filling in my student loan/ fee support form today. Boy I hate the SLC with every fibre of my being. Why do they have to change the goddamn form every year? This year they've removed the "retake/repeat" box. Number of phone calls so far = 1.

Yup, I'll probably vote for whoever is against charging students for higher education. (Telling my father might not be a good idea though, since he is a Tory voter - I think largely to piss off my late grandfather who was a grassroots Labour voter who didn't seems to realise that Labour is these days about as interested in the Unions and the Working Class (Grandma: "Bill you're not working class") as I am in Mongolian nose piping) In Dover the Election run up has already started fighting very dirty indeed. Dirtier than usual, even. Given the state of local politics round here this is faintly scary.

Oh and the Dover Society has nominated Burlington House for Channel 4's forthcoming demolition programme (they will demolish the most butt ugly building they can find, and yup, Burlington House is pretty darn ugly) except that channel 4 will film it, but won't allow it to win because they want to blow the "winner" up (KABLOEY!) and Burlington House is bang on the main approach to port and there's no way they can close that to blow the flipping place up. Edit: went picture hunting, this is the best I can find, it's aview across Dover from St Martin's Battery (a napoleonic/ww2 gun emplacement - like you can find in any small town out there) click on the linky and you'll see this big grey rectangle looming over the town in the valley - that is, officially the ugliest building known to man or beast and it looks a hundred million times worse close up. Sorry no direct picture link, I'm on the dad-machine, I'll firefox this later and see if I can but for the moment just click and feel the aware:
I Warn You It's Big And It's Not Clever
I Warn You It's Big And It's Not Clever
This One Might Be Slightly Better, Or Worse. Eh, Whatever.
This One Might Be Slightly Better, Or Worse. Eh, Whatever
From the Castle looking towards the Battery and the rest of Heights

Double Edit: Now with images! Marvel at horribly large and ugly building! Look how it marrs the seafront! Yay Firefox, letting me do all those things that IE won't let me. Oh, photos courtesy of They are whole town views because nobody's enough of machosist to photograph the thing up close -must be the pebbledash, baby.

Am also meant to be writing the letter I promissed Deidre to give to John at Connaught (that makes no sense to anyone not intimately acquainted with the ole Dorm of Doom, does it? It's about accomodation for next year and it's very late and I don't know if Deidre's offer still stands) I hate writing formal letters and have a massive case of writer's block. Hence I'm writing this instead.

Talking of writing, last night I ended up writing (longhand on paper at the dead of night) some of my long time hamstrung Northstar/Iceman angst-fest "Happy Homecomings" (the title becomes deeply ironic eventually), but don't get too excited because it's for a very late section of the narrative.

TTFN as the first evil likes to say.

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