little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

Internets! (I think I have the separation blues)

Hello, if you haven't already heard from shadowkitty or torakowalski, my internets is dead.

It looked like my stupid ISP had forgotten to pay line rental, but today we got a letter saying "as you know, company A's broadband service has been taken on by Company B". As we didn't know, this is annoying. Especially when the internet is a universal pancea for burning issues such as "what if Thor and Big Barda met?" (please, somebody ETA: notlikethat, I was thinking more attack of the Kirby. Sometimes I do have ideas that are good and pure and involve Scott and Beta Ray Bill lookingn on in amusement) and "was Ben Browder in mummyfrog's diaster movie du jour?" and... you get the idea.

So this is me saying I am incommucadio at the moment.

On the bright side, I am getting more stitching done. On the not so bright side, I am on a library computer right now, which causes much Ineptitude and drives me buggy on Computing for the Inept days.
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