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Frittering Away | Like a Hole in the back of the Head | Leonard Cohen, Hooker AUs, crack and anal se


The good part of today was my favourite cheap Chinese restuarant (China House, Marchmont St, just off Russell Sq tube if you're interested) and had duck chow mein and two banana fritters with ice cream.

On the up side, this time round with the injection, I didn't spend five hours waiting around, it was all very slick and a lot more organised. Also, it was the same doctor and it was somewhere between comedy and the guy just being weirded out that I remember everything a) he said last time, especially comparisons with the Grudge and b) everything on the radio coming up (if it takes you all of Leonard Cohen's greatest hits to get through London you are... very depressed possibly).

On the down side, my pulse rate was scary and right now I am very very sore. There are not really words to describe my neck (okay, sore, stiff and ouch) or the back of my head (all the above plus burning and stabbing. Suffice to say, I am not going to be stitching tonight. I've checked and it doesn't feel any better laying down plus it offers a chance for the rest of my head (it feel somewhat pressure sensitive) to get in on the act.

For those actually interested two injections on the back of my neck at about ear level.

And to cheer everyone up, Laughing Len Cohen was singing "A Thousand Kisses Deep" and if there is not a rent boy AU out there (preferably due South) using that song, then I am a very disappointed buzzy.

And the Great Canadian Depression himself has the lyrics posted on his website: A Thousand Kisses Deep.
Did I mention that it would make great hookerfic? Really nice angsty stuff. Uh, please?

(for people who must know, I have been comparing Democracy (refrain: democracy is coming to the U-S-Ay) to "US out of North America" in the Hard Core Logo discography. The latter gets a namecheck in "On the Inside I'm a Poet" so I might try and get the former in somewhere)

For me (once I am on my own computer) The Future Yes, more Uncle Lenny (thank you papajoemambo, I think we have just made the case for a Cohen fic-a-thon). Now I just have to chose between "Give me crack and anal sex" (uh, isn't that what all fangirls want?) and "I've seen the future, brother: it is murder" (Uh, probably that one. "On the Inside" has chapters and that is the one I want for Zuko's number two, more would spoilercate)
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