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on the freakishly beautfiul front pointed me in the direction of Aurora Borealis in Murmansk (Russia) and they are freaking gorgeous. They call to my inner Fraser. I've finally changed my wallpaper to one (I should probably nab the lot just to show me what an aurora looks like) deposing my lovely Billy Tallent one I made to inspire me for the next big writing project to be written once I have finished this big scary epic.

ETA: the capt-cha (however you spell it, the word presented as a picture for you to type to prove you are not a bot) is Stalin. I have no words.

I have also been reading a book called The Last Cosmonaut, which is a travelogue of the places people don't normally go to when in the former USSR. _unhurt_ would probably like it

Double ETA: link fixed
Tags: aurora, canada, not!canada, plot bunny

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