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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Tricksy little dS canon question

Tricksy little dS canon question

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vecchio: hurty
In Some Like it Red, the woman Ray had been planning on sending to St Fortuna's as a ringer (I mean, the one who ditched him with a note about a broken leg, thus nesciating the whole Fraser in drag thing) does she have a name?

Uh, yes, it's for On the Inside.

I might be translating this into something a little different. Is it interesting that with a broken leg she managed to get down to the door of her apartment building to leave Ray a note rather than tell him in voce on either Ray's mobile (is there anyone who does not have that number? Nine out of ten Vecchios agree) or over the intercom. I'm wondering what this tells us about Ray's romanatic/woman issues.

It makes really good sense in my universe, at least.

And now to insert some more Stella/Vecchio "action" (or rather inaction. I have Ray's arc all on paper and it is finally making sense to me again. I'm riding this wave for all it's worth)
  • Brenda Luisi, says the transcript.
    • You rock! *glomps*

      Now to finish getting a handle on pianist!Vecchio (and Stella, actually, Stella might be the hard bit as she's having a tuff day even before Frannie turned up at the date with a horoscope)
  • Hee brynnmck beat me to it. She retired from the force.

    I personally think Fraser persuaded her to not take the job so he could. After-all he's the one that finds the note...very handy.

    Edited at 2008-04-24 09:05 pm (UTC)
    • I like the theory, I just need it to be proof of Vecchio's dating record. He feels a little insecure and is hiding in the whole courtly love thing.
      • Fair enough. I mean some folk see him as straight... ;-)
        • He is completely a good faith sort of guy; it's just his exes... everything goes wrong after "coffee" (the type that does not involve beverages) and as pants breakups go, that sucks. Ray knows Stella is different, it's just like ...

          you have this nice completely ordinary dream/situation and something in the back of the mind is asking whether this is the moment the tentacles come out etc...

          (Now I have a strong mental image of the bad guy in Old Who "City of Death" spaghetti face himself)
          • Bad image with tentecles...very bad...
            • Sorry. I seem to be in scary mode.

              But that's the sort of underlying tension he has going for him and not just in the women department. He is trying to play it safe, too safe and isn't challenging himself or daring to dream...
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