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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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kowalski: pinboard
I say "hen night" you say "insert word here"

Frannie, unsurprisingly.

I feel like a dork for asking, but I really can't remember.

ETA: bachelorette party
  • Bachelorette party. I have no idea why I know this.
    • Yay! Thank you. I've been taking the restuarant/dork stranger scene to pieces, because it didn't work and had pov whiplash going on. So, now, we have a new all-Frannie bit where she offers a guy in a cowboy hat a lift.
      • That sounds like it would work rly well.
        • I think it works great. It gives space to develop Frannie's motivations without giving away the plot. It makes her sound less of a ditz and more worried about her brother's welfare and his previous romantic record (poor and he gets easily cut up).

          We never name Turnbull, it's all a big tease in that respect and all from Frannie's point of view. She thinks he's a stripper and is a little put out when she finds out where he's going.

          Hopefully, we get more Vecchio/Stella out of this and I had been scouting out suitable locations to step things up a level (the same night as the boys meet) when I found this section and found it was pretty hard to deal with.
  • I recommend drop_the_u for just such queries!
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