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Early Morning

Surprised to be alive this early, let alone feeding crochet patterns to ocr.

the_dosk has an exam today, wish him much good luck, oh internets! This post is full of post-exam goodness.

the_dosk might find stevegreeen's entry on the original Never Say Never Again theme song. I hope the techies at Doskland Uni get their skates on and fix their email system so we can get back to sending each other pictures of cool things, like squid. I think squid are cool, the_dosk is an enabler and a good one at that.

(Newcomers to this blog might not have realised that the_dosk is my brother)

dr_hermes continues to prove that intelligent scans_daily posts are not an oxymoron, with this mini-essay on Confessions of a Rarebit Fiend, by the same Windsor McKay who bought us Nemo in Slumberland. <3 <3 And it proves that mothered little lap dogs are not a new phenomenon.

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