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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

the due South cast was not short on dorks

the due South cast was not short on dorks

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mort: hi
Looking for Beau Starr in a dinner jacket.

Got a page about Camilla Scott and her soap-opera career. Why am I telling you guys? Because there is a teeny-tiny dS behind the scenes piccy with some on-set larking from Jack Huey (and maybe somebody - pokes lipstickcat could tell somebody she knows). Uh, and warning, website infested with pop-ups.

Reaper was good, but scarily predictable. Sam, do you never learn?
  • ha ha. Her hair.

    Next week's looks a tad terrifying!
  • Ooohhhh.....!!! *saves and emails to Spoo and Wonky*

    Never mind Reaper - Dexter killed me! I'm so going to hell
  • Reaper is always predictable *g* BUT I WAS IN IT! *jumps up and down* I love that show if only because Sock is hilarious, Sam is adorable, and they have fantastic catering on set :P
    • How far behind you guys are we? Should have been paying less attention to my computer and more attention to the ep, trying to spot you? The ep tonight was first season, ep 15 "Coming to Grips"... Hmmmm... Looking at Wiki, I think I need to be looking out in the next 3 eps... yeah?

      Personally, I have a soft spot for Ben ^_^
      • I am always amazed by how fast tv eps are edited and put on air. *boggles* Compared to movies, at least! I was in last week's ep, last night's ep and I *think* I might be in the next ep as well. There was also an ep before those where Sock was sitting in a shopping cart with tape on his face and I am in there too - someone saw me and let me know but I never saw the ep.

        I'm looking at imdb and I'm not really sure of the episode names - I know I've been in eps with Kandyse McClure and Ken Marino. Really, my bit is literally just a flash in the background. It is MUCH more interesting to BE there while they are shooting!
  • That is such 80s hair.
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