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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

things buzzy hasn't managed to do | a pretty pdf of the wingfic

things buzzy hasn't managed to do | a pretty pdf of the wingfic

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fraser and ray: duet
Okay, so I still have not wrangled any html on the website front, or worked out how to edit Episodic Romance with chapters (because I might have been a little crazy with a 70,000 word continuous narrative) and I really want to get back to writing some On the Inside because, word, it feels good and I might have sorted all my plot issues for the moment. I just need to embrace het for a while.

Like Archimedes, I thought about turning Episodic into a pdf with nice page numbers and maybe a bit of illustration. Then I realised (after more mp3 player wrangling, which I think might have actually worked) that perhaps I should start with something smaller.

This Land Was Made For You And Me (pdf version 180kb)
Originally posted to livejournal September 3rd 2007
Fraser/Kowalski Wingfic rated PG-13
Stunning graphic by sandrainthesun.
Equally stunning beta work by woolly_socks and mickeymvt
“Ray sits on a boulder at the edge of the lakeshore. The rock is somewhere between the colour of rust and sunburnt skin; the colour changing with every flicker of the autumn sun through the trees. It’s still hotter than Ray expected it to be here. And it is still too light for the mosquitoes and midges to come to feast on his bare skin. Lichen grows on the rock like some organic tattoo. The water laps up against it, betraying that the water is nowhere near as calm as it appears.”

Going to an archaeology talk later, hope certain people of my acquaintance aren't there. Yes, _unhurt_ this is the guy who was subject of that obit I mentioned.
  • Re: I wish I could get my act togetherthese days

    Joe, I wish I could thathom (eh?) your icon.

    Now, that sounds ugly. eep!

    I just went to a lecture thing where every fourth word was "er". Considering it was about local archaeology and not the Indus valley... it was painful. Also, the shop didn't use the tickets as credit against the book sales *sigh* It almost killed the squee of finding a really shiny looking needlework book (which I couldn't buy, shop closed and they took out the tea shop. Woe! Woe! Thrice times woe! I liked the tea shop because a) it was good and b)it was not coffee - ugh!)
    • Re: I wish I could get my act togetherthese days


      The icon is of The Wheelers - a group of bullying bad guys in the third OZ book and in RETURN TO OZ which was a movie adaptation of the same from 1985.

      I'm not having a good day, Miss Rachel...
      • Re: I wish I could get my act togetherthese days

        I got some kind of Oz-based race-memory telling me Oz. (Yeep! Does that make sense or can I just use Quatermas and the jumping puppet giant ants as an illustration?)

        Oh, Joe! I send lots of squishing and less jokes about Mesopotamian civilizations. I wish I had something to de-suck your day. It would be like the sucking monster from Yellow Submarine except it wouldn't suck everything but will still tidy himself away nicely once all the sucking was over.
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