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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Short and Mysterious Question | Steve Ditko Comic

Short and Mysterious Question | Steve Ditko Comic

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hugh house
I was talking to bbd and Albuquerque came up, the way it does. The only place (short of the cruise ship) that I have heard it is in a Bugs-Bunny cartoon as in "should I have turned left at Albuquerque" when he turned up in either a bull-fighting ring or a genie-infested cave in one of those stitched together movies that Warner Bros filled my childhood with. Hence, I go with "Alber-coi-key" for pronunciation. Anyways, bbd said, "Now that Mel Blanc is dead, do they still do Bugs Bunny." I think this is a yes, but *shrugs shoulders*

Two of my favourite guys are feeling low, papajoemambo, my favourite Canadian, and the_dosk, my brother who has just finished his exams.

So, I am proud to present...

Steve Ditko in Mystery Planet.

Mystery Planet 1 of 6

Mystery Planet 2 of 6
Mystery Planet 3 of 6
Mystery Planet 4 of 6
Mystery Planet 5 of 6
Mystery Planet 6 of 6

ETA: now with linkies to more readable pictures!
  • Oh wow - another *great* one...

    I love his sense of design about everything - the space costumes are incredible. "I kind of envy the ribbon clerks now myself..." made me laugh out loud.

    I picked up Ditko's most recent booklet only to find that it was mostly Objectivist essays about the science of creating stuff and how Stan Lee is a louse. There are two or three pages of "Political Cartoons" inside tho, and it's especially daunting to recognise that some of them are about my friend Blake Bell, who is publishing his Ditko book finally next month and whom Steve feels is a parasite because of it.

    Still, I want to get the rest of the Ditko SHADE: THE CHANGING MAN stuff I'm missing - hopefully DC might do a reprint, if the Kirby OMAC reprint book makes them enough money. I know for a fact that you'd probably like the 70s OMAC series, Rach if only because it's as Eep-Opp-Ork-Weird as the Ditko stuff from the same era was.

    • Re: Oh wow - another *great* one...

      They make me think of Sahdowcat's orange/green combo umpteen years later.

      Oh dear. I presume his philosophy means it's okay to be grouse (grouch?) provided you are on the white side of the qequation and they are on the black side.

      I like weird. *grins madly* I'm good at weird.
  • Also, for different reasons...

    I'll be posting a Will Elder Mad Magazine story late tonight (so, online first thing tomorrow for you) that's one of my favourites. Utterly crazy stuff, kind of like The Muppets on REDBULL.
    • Re: Also, for different reasons...

      Squee! Mad!

      (I've never dared try Red Bull, largely because coke keeps me buzzing for hours. And I don't drink a lot of that. It might be because it is the only thing I drink with caffeine in it. I'm sure you wanted to know all of my history with things caffeinated.)
      • Re: Also, for different reasons...

        It might be interesting to see the effect RED BULL would have on you - you might could see into different eras of time. Much like El Senior Wilma (Ellis), Red Bull tends to get me in a place where the synapses start firing a lot faster than regular highly caffinated coffee does.
        • Re: Also, for different reasons...

          You don't want to meet me when I come down again. Hell, I can do it without caffeine but downhill still sucks.

          shadowkitty knows what buzzy + caffeine =
          • Re: Also, for different reasons...

            Ok, so - be available for back and foot rubs & icepacks when Rachel comes off a caffeine high - check.

            I have to get over there. I seriously, desperately, have to get over there. Sue -suetekh- may be meeting me in San Diego in July, but between you, and shadowkitty, and Stephen - chalkie_talkie - and Steven -stevegreen - and a whole lot of the rest of you I know I'd have a good time. I know that I have a standing offer from some DJ friends of mine over in Blighty as well...

            Edited at 2008-05-16 10:58 pm (UTC)
  • I have no idea if they still do Bugs Bunny, but one of my best friends lives in Albuquerque. I've been over twice and it's a nice city.

    People always react with surprise when I say that I know someone who lives there or that I'm going there though - it seems to have an aura of unusualness or something.
    • An aura of unreality. *grin* It would have to be a nice city, Bugs is always trying to get there (when he is not dressing up as a large baby...)
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