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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Drive-by reccing

Drive-by reccing

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hugh house
Uh, okay, I am trying to catch up with friendly hostility by aunteringdown, one of my favourite webcomics, which I lost track of during the month of zero bandwidth and lost track of a bit more when the brane took tap-dancing lessons.

Anyways, I found this Friendly Hostility fanfiction written by slob_child for a competition run by crotalus_atrox (which proves the awesome of everyone involved and the high standard of entries). If that isn't enough to persuade you: it's very funny and Derringer wakes up with girl parts.

That's Derringer in my icon. I like Derringer.

I like my head less. I spent four hours asleep this afternoon and I have Inepts tomorrow.
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