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Computing for the Inept yesterday was semi-successful (1½ Inepts) and I felt all fired up and motivated to do things to "On the Inside" and I found a book of catci-growing *wins*. But, by the time I had gone on some familial shopping, I was majorly out of it. I think my blood sugar dropped like a stone. (Dear vampires, buzzy is not edible, okay?).

Uh, and after sleeping a lot this morning, I dabbled a little on the internets and found a cross-stitch kit. Specifically the same design as the birthday card I recieved at 12ish from my parents. It is gorgeous. And I have too many kits all ready. But that doesn't really stop the happymaking.

Might write this afternoon, or I could stitch or figure out how to salvage my bicycle. And I'd better test the new mp3 player for workingness.

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