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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

On the Inside Meta (for me, pretty much)

On the Inside Meta (for me, pretty much)

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plot carrot
(I need a On the Inside Icon, maybe some wings... *thinkity*)

Baths, I keep doing the Archimedes thing.

I seem to have unconsciously set Vecchio as a mirror to Turnbull. They are both willing to sacrifice something [creative originality, songwriting skills] to an image of family [casa Vecchio, the Ben-Mark-Ren trine] that they feel very guilty about not appreciating enough as they feel [the situation, necessity] dictates.

Uh, this is my Stella/Vecchio song.

For some reason I can't fathom, I am writing about how they met not Frannie's experiments with astrology and her prediction of a tall dork stranger.

(And, no, it isn't Paul Gross)

I'm sure it will all figure itself out some time. Stella and Vecchio have more backstory as they are established/dating/something-in-between.

ETA: mirroring is not absolute. Turnbull is a) a bit of a slut b) more likely to embrace danger and c) the one who compartmentalises while d) Vecchio is trapped in the gravity of his family and e) nervous romantically
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