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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

For the benefit of me: you have stickies about Vecchio being afraid…

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hugh house
For the benefit of me: you have stickies about Vecchio being afraid that he will see Kowalski in the mirror.

"Work" largely dull and full of French schoolchildren. The nice french fishermen's union has blockaded every French port in the area, so the ferries are sitting around looking bored. The lack of two hours to go wild with caffeine and sugar might have done something positive for the little angels' behaviour. Drive-on, the Channel Tunnel is one of the most boring ways to spend forty minutes or so.

Uh, that's it. "Work" again tomorrow after a blood test (eek!).

Slashfen, nos4a2no9 is hosting a great find some great gay literature discussion/thing. Go on, read and contribute your favourite slashy books (or slightly more realistic books, or unreccomend bad gay romance, the choice is yours).

Turnbull people, wonderful gen Turnbull for the superpowers challenge at ds_flashfiction has been written by eledhwenlin: Serving His Country
  • Looks like I'm back in the saddle

    I've borrowed a laptop from one of my workplaces.

    This means:

    - I can write on weekends and days off.

    - I can work, for work, at home and get a head start when an idea hits.

    - The Nanowrimo book has been yelling at me to finish it.

    - "The Dunwich Project" has been growling at me, and the ideas are flying frantically for that one. Those Dunwich people are not very nice

    - The "Very Secret Diaries" idea is pouting at me.

    I now have no peace of mind.
    • Re: Looks like I'm back in the saddle

      Yay technology! I spent today writing instructions on "procedure for turning on the PC".

      Uh, less yay if you like your peace of mind. Personally, I have to strike a balance between stitching, writing and vegetating. These (and the internet and "working") being my core activities. Hell, I write like I am writing painstaking instructions on computer usage (admittedly, turning on the screen is slightly counter-intuitive as there is no button)

      I am very much in a "one writing project only" place just to keep control of my sanity. I'm still doing a pretty deep/heavy rewrite of all the material I wrote in the nano period. It seems to be making a hell of a lot more sense and I can finally see how the pieces should come together (even if I'm pretty sure it will mutate part way along, because that always happens).
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