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shopping | much more intersting explanation of Episodic Romance (aka the bfp)

Uh, went to Lakeside yesterday. Probably a mistake as I ended up getting all irritable and bratish (at least that is my evaluation of my behaviour). Also, trying to bring up the issue of mooching with bbd doesn't work. I have issues with spending other people's money (am still not in paid employment), it doesn't mean "give me forty squid for clothes". Uh, ended up with no clothes partly because shopping with mummyfrog (too dear, too cheap, not going to suit you...) and partly because post-brating (mentioned to bbd about the mummyfrog shopping experience) everthing I tried on looked freaking awful, really awful.

Has anyone checked up on yeungmaisu lately?

Other than that, tried to chapter the master copy of Episodic to make it a bit easier to read etc... have now totally lost my enthusiasm. Hell, I still want to do an illustrated version some time (which would involve being more artistically confident than I am). Also, is it wildly pretentious to call chapters "episodes"?

(Uh, Episodic Romance is so titled because it is a story (romance) told in parts as well as being a reflection of due South, a romance (if you have slash goggles) spread across television episodes. yeungmaisu gave "episodes" as the initial theme for Red Ships Green Ships issue two. If I told you that I initially wanted to write something about Ray realising he was in a television show and the subtext - between scenes - as the only way they could consummate* their love, would you understand the title any better? Thankfully, I didn't write that, except for the opening, which just about qualifies as a Ladies' Man tag. That said, when the plot started to turn up, I was pretty sure that case-plot-wise I wanted everything as close to a canonical due South as possible, hence the strangeness, Gross' Rubber Novelties, amount of close bodily contact, and communication at cross purposes. It's that which explains a lot more of my approach. I wanted something that could pass as a Mountie on the Bounty style two-parter spectacular.

There was also a serious thematic link going on with Call of the Wild, which is why version 1 was so abrupt around the end (if you've read it, you have probably encountered this version), and the reason version 2 (much better ending) still leaves things open. A lot of the emotional/character plot revolves around Ray Kowalski (that might be because it's 70,000 words of RayK pov *snorts*) and the way he is getting more and more lost in his role as Ray Vecchio. Normally, he seems to have compartmentalised when undercover, but the lack of direction and the "play yourself" attitude from the top has left him wondering where he ends. Vide his conversation with Inspector Thatcher in COTW,
Kowalski: You ever feel like you don't know who you are? Like if you weren't around somebody, or that someone wasn't around you, then you wouldn't be you, or at least not the you that you think. You ever think like that?

Thatcher: Never.

Kowalski: Me either.

Perhaps I really should go out and gussie the above up and use it as the basis of a commentary of some sort.

One thing I really should say is that the reason I wrote all this entry etc is because there currently is a 404 on red ships green ships where the story should be. Suffice to say, the exclusive times out in July, so I should pull my socks up and get some stuff done with this ready.

Also, one of the reasons I have for avoiding/procrastinating is that I have grown so bloody much as a writer lately and I don't want to face the worst aspects of Episodic Romance. That and I have turned into the queen of rewrites so I might go in and never come out, rather like Scott of the Antarctic.

*Uh, this word always brings up Swinging by the Headstones: consummate their love with the concrete waiting *grin*
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