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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Doctor Who 4-08: silence in the library

Doctor Who 4-08: silence in the library

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hugh house
One word review?


What do you mean That's not a word!. Is so, the Sims tell me so. And if you know the Sims, yes, it is that good. It's official, Who can be that good

Okie-doke, Non-Spoilerish-Thoughts
  • The setting is delicious. They used a real library, well several, and really good matte painting
  • The Doctor not letting Donna read her biography, citing "Spoilers!" What a smart episode! Is it a Moffat? *checks* Yes, it is a Moffat (and totally as good as his others)

  • I said it was good, do not watch it after dark (or water it, or feed it... Well, maybe not unless you live in a BT advert - they have Gremlins) Small children will thank you for it
  • Librarians, prepare to scare every small child on the planet. Also, the little girl, she is creepy
  • Psychic paper once again
  • Scary messages recalled dispassionately...
  • Just really really good and scary and smart

Anything more belongs in spoilers or perhaps Professor Rivers's suspiciously handy book.

  • Okay, everything with the little girl and the child psychologist, from the screaming to the ticking words on the screen. What the hell is going on here? I have theories, but they will not live up to whatever they churn out next week
  • Honestly, this is so good, am I the only one dreading and hoping for the next season? With Moffat as game-marster, show-running, tptb... etc etc there is that fear, rather like the one that lurks on me when writing big things, one day I am going to open the file and either it is more brilliant than I ever imaging, or it is "I am a fish" going retroactively through time. If you get that.
  • Everything about the archaeologist, Prof River - a Mary Sue name if ever I found one, but not a Sue, thank god, if only because her smarts are genuine and apparent - turning the Doctor's spoiler rules back on him. All of the interaction and especially the Doctor-biography. A little blue book with police-box panels.
  • The computer interfaces and how they look like the card-filing arms in the opening credits of the Prisoner, and all the false-retro feel, and those clever little blink and miss them Matrix numbers...
  • The dead face things. Nice way to rack up the tension even before the cliff-hanger.
  • Actually thinking about how time-travel screws up your personal history etc etc.

Also, suddenly the big trailer stuff with the stars going out makes a horrible kind of sense. And the nightmare world is real.
  • Gazpacho soup!

    I'm sorry. I had to.
    • It's not as if I mind. Gazpacho soup day is a major date.

      (I had this teacher who read out the exam bits from the Red Dwarf novel for a pre-exams assembly. It went down very well)
      • (that is awesome. I ended up with Blackadder Goes Forth as part of my English GCSE coursework on themes in WW1 literature. Which was also awesome)
        • (my school... was slightly eccentric... at levels you don't generally find in state schools... or outside St Trinnian's

          I am jealous of your awesome coursework, mine was boring and the teacher insisted on the Zeffirelli version of Romeo and Juliet and it was toe-curling)
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