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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

*head meet desk* | More writerly whitterings

*head meet desk* | More writerly whitterings

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hugh house
Dear Frannie,

There are better places to tell me you have the hots for Elaine.

Love, buzzy

(not that it isn't cute, but perhaps not in a major plot twist... what the heck, I think it is very cute that you have a crush on Elaine... it might not lead to anything... okay, maybe it will lead to something once *pokes yet another new subplot*)

Hell, I feel like quoting (you guys like a little quote once in a while):
maybe she should have waited, or got Stella’s number out of Ray’s fancy-ate organiser thing with pages of clumsily punched and folded manuscript and scores stuck between all the normal yuppie planner bits. She could just have filed it under ‘freaky’ and left it there. She could just have left the book on the el. She could have cut out the book entirely and could have got into the concert hall and explored looking for lost forgotten rooms. The smell of dust and old paper, fly speckled windows and tarnished mirrors that ghosts look out of you from. Frannie knew it was strange, but she liked them and sometimes picked up things from thrift stores and placed them in rooms where nobody ever goes. One day, she told herself, she is going to take Elaine by the hand and lead her up the third staircase from the door and guide her into a room... it fell apart there. Frannie knew there were reasons, and the stars told her they were true, but she just wanted. It would be lust, except nothing even happens – not even in her dreams – beyond stepping into a room filled with a thousand candles and ribbon blinds in the window.

I think I might just have broken all my barriers. I finally find my het button and I get this...

I'm not moaning really, honest. It's just this thing gets into more unexplored buzzy!territory with each day. I solve the het problems (mostly narrative and partly because I wrote myself into a box by writing the future before the past and just making Ray too neurotic for words... etc...) and then... I have a lot on my hands.

This thing, "On the Inside I'm a Poet", is going to be monster.

ETA: Fuckity. That tag was meant to be "have I mentioned that I just don't like the world femmeslash

(Thinking about it, I once wrote a Jenny Sparks/Wonder Woman ficlet for flying_anteater)
  • stepping into a room filled with a thousand candles and ribbon blinds in the window.

    That's a very pretty image. *admires*

    It's just this thing gets into more unexplored buzzy!territory with each day

    It sounds like you have loads of ideas though, so that's a plus. You don't have to follow up on all of them, remember.

    This thing, "On the Inside I'm a Poet", is going to be monster

    I hear you. Girl!John is currently at ~72,000 words and still going strong. I'm having fun though!
    • It's a lovely image and totally Frannie. My Frannie is improving at high speed.

      All my ideas seem to be solutions for this project, which is good since I have been telling myself to keep writing this one (even if I like my nice gay boy Armando fic I last worked on in November...)

      The last big fannish project came out in the 70,000 mark, this thing has about 37,000 and a long way to go (an incomplete first draft - which is getting scribbled over and confronted by a torch of relative sanity - came in at the 40k mark and was written in a hurry).

      So I have every respect for anybody who chooses the insanely long plot and look forward to it with bated breath. *pets girl!John* It's only worth it if you are having fun.
  • I'd never thought about it before, but that's an awesome pairing!
    • I know there is some out there, but yes, awesome pairing if I can make it work (it would still be pretty good only semi-working).

      To say that this thing is complex is to say that you might have a little problem with electricity.

      ETA: talking to Joe, he wanted to ask if you know what has happened to kitty in the comics... I think somebody might have been smoking golden age comics.

      Edited at 2008-06-01 04:25 pm (UTC)
      • Lets just say I added scans_daily back to my flist on the wrong day :(
        • Oh dear.

          I've been afk a fair bit lately, so I got Joe breaking it to me gently (and with a "it's not too bad as deaths can be" and a certain witch girl is back, apparently and they were best friend etc)

          Upped pills, feeling good.
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