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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

How did I get here?

How did I get here?

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hugh huh (twitch)
I've been a little out of it yesterday and today, so I haven't been around or anything.

Antipodeans: I got the theme tune for "Blinky Bill" in my head yesterday; that is cruel and inhuman and I prefered "Dot and the Koala" a lot more. I had a childhood fascination with Australia, which stemmed from my grandparents going to visit my aunt (and something like everything out there; my grandmother used to talk very fondly of the blue mountains) and somewhere there is a scrapbook which my four-year-old self filled with postcards of kangaroes.

I finally got my giraffe photographs processed; luck won out against film decay and I have four lovely shots. (This was way back, when we holidayed at the house of the frankencats in Spain; the trip inspired Sometimes Ideas Just Bite You And They Don't Let Go. We had gone to a weird botanical garden/zoo hybrid, with fascinating orchid gradens and... it was good.

I don't have much else to say at this point. Still no spikey babies on the windowsill front.

ETA: Moonlight finale = good; Cancellation = bad, ADA getting list = interesting for a season that probably won't happen *sigh* I'd say I'm hoping for somebody to pick it up and run with it (or point me in the direction of the source material) but I despair very much for most of the het stuff I have encountered reads... I don't want to finish that sentence.

(It may help to say that I started out in X-men fanfiction (not my first ever fannish experience, just the first that involved fan fiction) and a lot of it is written by 14 year old girls who think Rogue and Gambit are so tragic... *cringes*

Uh, as I have het on my plate, anyone want to point me in the direction of some good stuff
  • It's hard to find good het :( I'll have a look for you. It's also impossible to find good Lost fic, which is what I've been attempting recently.
    • Woe, woe, thrice times woe!

      (Mind if I can get into the right mindest again, I might just get there. I got pretty close in the new Stella/Vecchio scenes. More sense of a developing relationship now and everything is shiny)

      I never watched Lost; mummyfrog likes it.
      • Whenever it gets particularly confusing, my dad yells at the TV 'this is worse than the Prisoner!' so you'd probably enjoy it.

        Here's some het to start you off. I've got a bunch that aren't your fandoms, but are pretty good examples.
  • ... wasn't it Dot and the Kangaroo?

    (The theme for blinky bill is evil)
    • Quite possibly. Just my main memory of it is the koala. I knew there was a reason it sounded odd.

      (tell me about it; I didn't even like the cartoon)
  • Dot and Koala makes me feel all nostalgic. I liked Dot and the Kangaroo better though. awww.
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