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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today I got needled. Stellonstein using me as an acupuncture pin…

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hugh house
Today I got needled. Stellonstein using me as an acupuncture pin cushion. Ouch! I should have insisted he count the pins in and out, because I've had them coming home with me before and now is bare feets season.

A huge chunk of dS fandom are elsewhere (otherwise known as con_txt)

I don't have a huge amount to say right now, beyond I need to hunt down the Sentinel fic with Jim as a complete and utter queen; because I decided last night it would cheer me up.

Now, dinner and maybe a poke at the fanfiction (even if I have other things needing doing... they can get done later).
  • He's leaving needles in on purpose? or is he just forgetting?
    • They seem to get tangled in my hair, so I am with forgetting. Sure as hell not purpose, he knows (at volume) how I feel about needles.
  • Ouch needles and feet are not a good mix. Hope you are needleness.
    • So do I.

      I got over-confident (or at least more confident than usual) and posted a scene (uh, Frannie) from the WIP over at malnpudl's and am now all jittery. I forgot how much posting stuff does that to me. I'll probably set up a link on my journal once I get over the jitteriness.
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