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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Red: Torchwood / Twitch City crossover

Red: Torchwood / Twitch City crossover

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hugh house
A very happy-making rec of semi-random here:

Deja Vu or Something by clionaeilis

There is much to recommend this; it hits Planet of the Cats in Twitch City and I'd put it as misc Season 2 as far as Torchwood is considered. It's just very funny. Everything from Ianto making his perfect plan; Newbie (*points to icon* as played by Callum Keith Rennie) gets acquainted with Jack, Hope and Gwen do not get along at all. And that misses out some of the fun and most of the dialogue.

  • Twitch City/Torchwood?!!! Is it my birthday???
  • *plotzes* wow, this was unexpected! I wanted to see who I was about to thank for the kind words over at boxathon, and here I am about to thank you again for this post, too!

    Possibly the very best part about writing this fic was that I had an excuse to watch Planet of the Cats a bazillion more times!
    • I am not sure what a plotzes is, but I assume it is good. I really enjoyed it and wanted to share the awesome.

      Do we need excuses?
      • good point, no excuses needed!

        And 'plotz' is a yiddishism, it means to be bursting with emotion
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