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On The Inside... Frannie

Okay, over at malnpudl, in her distract-me post, I had a strange attack of confidence. Well, you guys know I am pretty cagey about the actual output even if you get the occasional fic-meta post. It is still in miles to go before I sleep form, and some serious rewrites, so... yeah, still haven't sent it through beta (I think I am waiting on that) even if I consult some of you guys on the meta aspects and characterisation (I totally dig your help, guys, I sometimes get a little out of key).

So what did I do?

I just posted a whole Frannie chunk that was not in the xmas post.

(Uh, for the unitiated, "On the Inside, I'm a Poet" started out as my due south seekrit santa entry for greenonme. It then grew to massive proportions and I am still working on it, which includes a close to ground-up rewrite of even some of the material I did post.

The whole thing is a due South Singer/Songwriter AU featuring Kowalski/Turnbull and Stella/Vecchio, with some extra fun from the Duck Boys, Fraser/Smithbauer and it looks like there will be Elaine/Frannie as well...

So, if you've followed the xmas version, this is uh, Frannie meeting a certain guy in a leather jacket...

(I don't know whether to cross-post here, or just link. At the mo, I am pressed for time)

Link to Working Title: Frannie Scene Shifting Action
(uh, it's more interesting than that, really)
Tags: frannie, mad rewriting, on the inside i'm a poet

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