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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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fraser: cartoon
Alive and feeling much chippier. Currently awaiting lunch and computing for the inept at twelvish. I have my new big skirt on; it is big, black and white, and has one of those underskirt things made of tule.

Hopefully, I am going to produce more On the Inside, or print it and take it with me to CftI. There are things in my closet I really want to extract, and might even try climbing around certain issues - like the width and the fact I do not pay the room, so I am not normally allowed to empty the closet - to get some things. One of them is red and green and the other is hughly amusing and involves comics.

Was that obtuse enough?

Safe to say, I will probably only try once and maybe get the rest off somebody in the envelope.

Other than that, not a lot to say, still no baby cacti.

  • You must get photos of you in the skirt.

    Just thot I'd remind you that I think you're pretty fine.

    On the Joe side of things, the shit sandwiches have stopped being served up and I've gone back to my life of jolly but frenzied desperation. This means that the muse is around and planting seeds - seeds which may bear fruit come July-August.

    You will know before most of the others will.
    • Went to bed early, day busy. Today is the big red skirt last seen here.

      Why thank you, mr joe, and you are pretty darn fine yourself.

      (the stuff about closets is coded and probably made sense to < half f-list. Do not worry about it.)

      Happier today even if spent most of day working on the secret stitch project.

      Seeds are good. Cacti still not growing. ;-) I'm glad everything has levelled out a bit. Desperation obviously not exactly good, but jolly is doubleplusgood. Look forward to seeing what you are growing.

      Posted a bit of my big thing online in strange burst of confidence (it was on a cheer-the-poster-up-she-has-hayfever* post). Am willing to senf you some if you'd like it. Would probably stay early as still retrofitting in places and rewriting in others.

      *Spent most of day on couch stitching the mysterious thing, watched Secret Life of Plants. Attenborough suffers from hayfever and exploding plants do not fail to amuse.
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