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Alive and feeling much chippier. Currently awaiting lunch and computing for the inept at twelvish. I have my new big skirt on; it is big, black and white, and has one of those underskirt things made of tule.

Hopefully, I am going to produce more On the Inside, or print it and take it with me to CftI. There are things in my closet I really want to extract, and might even try climbing around certain issues - like the width and the fact I do not pay the room, so I am not normally allowed to empty the closet - to get some things. One of them is red and green and the other is hughly amusing and involves comics.

Was that obtuse enough?

Safe to say, I will probably only try once and maybe get the rest off somebody in the envelope.

Other than that, not a lot to say, still no baby cacti.

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