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From Rant (page eight) by Chuck Palahnuik:
The front car is a sea-green 1974 Plymouth Road Runner with a four-barrel carb-equipped 440-cubic-inch cast-iron-block V8. Original ice-white interior

Totally divorced from context, for the purposes of On the Inside and my theory that every Chicago cop has a cool muscle car. And this one was Gardino's. Please note the "was" in this equation.

On the subject of Rant, beyond sounding a bit too like his other books in places, the first half was really good. And then it got rather strange and jumped to a day/night apartheid to keep the roads running; recording people's sensory perceptions (which turned up in the middle with no real purpose), and lots of car crashes. Liked the multiple viewpoints a lot. I'm currently headed to multiple view-points in On the Inside, and if I ever write "paper bangles" that would head even more to the chapter/character pov form (even if I was more thinking Louis de Bernieres - the early stuff is really good, read Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord and see if you disagree) and this - sadly - shows some of the weak points up and really makes you see Palahnuik's style a bit too much in all its fucking excesses etc.

Uh, really should print my thing now. One day, I might get into the right brainspace to write about writing properly and talk about plot, characterisation and world-building, just not today.
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