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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Nice shiny icon of Paul Gross beefcake yummy from slidellra.…

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hugh house
Nice shiny icon of Paul Gross beefcake yummy from slidellra.

Went to computing for the inept; had three inepts, spent one and a 1/2 hours helping said inepts. Library computers =/= secure place to handle your finances via the internet, not helped by computers handling like slugs.

I did get some "book sale" books for nothing, though. Including "Linger Awhile" by Hoban, which I have been lusting over ever since I read "The Bat Tattoo" (beyond good), he also wrote "the Mouse and his child" (I think), lots of good things.

The Gardens were full of a two-day Hellfire Corner / 1940's event thing. We had singing, lindy hop demonstrations, air cadets, lots of very enthusiastic people with their collections of military vehicles and I think I know where Jack Harkness gets his coat from. ;-) Seriously, I couldn't see a price and we all know what rule number one is. The link google gave me to try and explain Hellfire Corner (otherwise known as many good reasons not to be in Dover 1939-45) actually looks really interesting. I like memoire things.

Who was very good at ratchetting up the tension, but the resolution was a little limp. Mummyfrog disagrees and thinks it was good all over. It was the budget lock-everyone-in-a-confined-space episode. Donna - very sensibly - decided to sunbathe instead.
  • Hey up - would you be willing to do a quick beta on something I wrote for ToraK's birthday? It's SGA but mostly pron.

    I didn't think the ending was limp for DW - though I may have been too freaked out still that they nearly spaced the Doctor to notice. Yikes.
    • If you're still after one, yes, just send it to [username]@yahoo.com (I can't remember if you have my rl email)

      Since 5 once got spaced and survived (albeit without any weird possessing things) in Four to Doomsday. He got out of it using a cricket ball and something involving physics. Short amounts of time = fine. Gallifreyan respirorty bypass. However, without a chance to get back in (doors closing on automatic), he would have a sticky wicket.

      (Hee! Doctor 5 cricket joke!)
      • Hmm, I think it was more the extopic radiation or whatever it was as much as the lack of air that would have been the problem in this one. It did seem to burn people up.

        Thing is on its way, cheers.
        • That might just be the teenziest problem. (Although I think it might be solvable with the dorkacious and unfashionable Sash of Rassilon). Uh, geek much?

          (At least I can claim that the behind the scenes "how i directed new who" book I borrowed from the library is for my brother *hides the geekacious reference books bought pre-uni)

          *watching and waiting her inbox*
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