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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

ouch | brother | on the inside I'm a poet

ouch | brother | on the inside I'm a poet

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hugh house
This is more an "I live!" post than anything else.

Have spent last couple of days a) trying to make the_dosk (my brother, he is 21! He got three cards and two of them were from us. He is, however, much much much much better now he has the new pills. I had a hug, which was impossible before, and that might indicate how much impact the thing has. *crosses fingers*) an incredible birthday present of stitchery. I finished at 10pm last night and god, I should not be doing anything with this hand, it hurts! b) "working" writing about 50 envelopes and lugging heavy things across town (like said envelopes once filled).

Got some On the Inside done after work, am very proud of it and seem to have bridged the gap between magic-reality and whatever passes for reality in the average singer/songwriter AU*. If you thought my Turnbull characterisation was "distinct" before, you don't know what is going to hit you. *nods nods* Only this nesciates even more rewriting things I have already rewritten once to get everything lined up for a big reveal (well, two big reveals: our villian! and what makes my Turnbull distinct from any other Turnbull and how he came to be Mark's "little brother")

Muse, it seems, is conductive to writing (the music group, not the little people who talk to you, though I might have been posessed by Turnbull for at least some of it)

I could do with an "on the inside" icon, really. It would make me happy.

*It also ups the sex quotinent by one Canadian taking matters in hand.
  • Hurray for dosk and writing! I just got made a mod of lol_meme a couple of hours ago. Help meee!!
    • Is it comunicable, oh zombie queen!
      • I don't know. You might want to stand back a little.
        • *stands back*

          I have sticky notes on my sticky notes here.
          • Ooh sticky notes! I love sticky notes!
            • They are stuck to everything. Mostly plot / reminders to change things later on / notes on interesting bits of canon to spin and twist / and weird meta

              (and lyrics for titles; Vecchio/Stella glean out so many star-related bits it is aweseom)

              (I'm not sure you remember but Stella has a tattoo of the big dipper. She never gets lost, really or figuratively. But I think Zuko is a storm on the horizon, heavy cloud cover perhaps. She is beginning to kick ass in the rewrites...)

              (I've still got miles to go, everything gets rewrites even a single paragraph scene change and they have done wonders for my characterisation - did you see the Frannie-chunk?)
              • Stella has a tattoo of the big dipper. She never gets lost, really or figuratively. But I think Zuko is a storm on the horizon, heavy cloud cover perhaps.

                I really love this concept. Yes, the Frannie chunk was awesome!
  • You finished? Did you take a picture? I'd love to see it.
    • Yup. My wrist hurts. He seems to like it.

      I mean to take a picture of it and dosk. (Actually dosk normally does my stitchery photographing. I might remember to get him to take one of me and my wip)
  • Yay writing and brothers!

    Muse are conducive to many things, although a lot of those things seem to currently involving truly tragic singing and boogieing around the house, which we'll leave well alone at this juncture.
    • Brother rocks. He's gone from 0-60 in about a week, and developed a social life, which is more than me.

      It's fantastic for writing to; it really is. I also really like Leonard Cohen while I write, which might put tragic into whole new levels.
  • Please say that 'Writing' envelopes is actually 'printing out labels and sticking on'

    (or printing directly on envelopes)

    'cause hand-writing envelopes is too 19th c to imagine. Worse than US Medical communications, even.
    • Sadly, I can't say that. It means a biro and a list of association members. 50 gets you into the b's just about.

      my boss is that 19th c sometimes

      and we are not sure why he wants us to do it, either.

      (technically, we have a file of subscriber names for the journal on labels, but my attempts to persuade that we really need a datbase and some mail merge action don't seem to get anywhere despite everyone hating the current system where you cannot add or delete people easily... and all the critical information is on file cards anyway)
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