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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

checking in

checking in

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mort: hi
There are things I wanted to write up, but I don't know what they are.

Am reading an excellent Torchie fic, long with plot and (I have been promised) tentacles. Expect a rec in your near future.

the_dosk got sent to a very strange therapist who was told him to avoid eggs.

I went to "work", got 32 school children and a lady novelist researching her novel. She claims to have six on the boil, so either she is over-stretching herself or writing some multi-book epic.

*goes blank*

That was it; if I remember the awesome, no doubt I'll tell you about it.
  • Missing you - flood of stuff settling down

    I'm more at the point where the water's beginning to go down than that first crazy kind of maelstrom when the dam breaks, so things are good.

    That being said, I've found SEEING THINGS episodes for you on YOU TUBE. SEEING THINGS is one of the prototypical quirky Canadian genre-detective shows. There's something in the water up here for sure. Check it out:

    Doesn't get any more Canadian than this, short of a "Hinterland Who's Who" segment on the beaver...

    Edited at 2008-06-24 05:55 pm (UTC)
    • Re: Missing you - flood of stuff settling down

      Howdy! Missing you too. Any time you are free in the nearish future? (Dosk has bought his phone home and free calls abroad are nifty) I just put my share of bad(ish) news up, so I don't feel like repeating except that sweeties are off the menu (I have already cut down, so I think you can guess what that feels like). Got the great Canadian depression on, which might not be the smartest idea. I really need to photograph my stitching WIP because you will really like it. Personally, I'm just staring at it and going "I Have That Much to Go!"

      Going to try making youtube work for me nowish.
      • Re: Missing you - flood of stuff settling down

        Watch the last one before you watch the others - the others add up to 48 mins of TV.

        There's another post here as well.

        You can see that I'm getting ready for my Annual Canada Day Posting For Expatriots next week.
        • Re: Missing you - flood of stuff settling down

          Love the beavers. (even if I cannot spell them without the help of firefox) I think I might need to lure more of the canada fen into this post. It's really amazing and awesome.

          Looking forward as always; strange canadiana is among my favourite things. I wanted to run a ficathing (like a ficathon, except not) with a copy of "a day in the life of canada" and a canada day deadline. Connectivity issues rather screwed with that, but there is always next year.
          • Re: Missing you - flood of stuff settling down

            You might actually be able to get me to write SEEING THINGS fanfic, if not slashfic.

            • Re: Missing you - flood of stuff settling down

              I await with interest.

              I should probably watch some more now.
    • Re: Missing you - flood of stuff settling down

      Hey! Watched part one, what can I say? I love love love the opening sequence in all it's cheesy glory. Chicone seems to be pretty neat. The announcer in the courtroom was too funny for words, deadpan and very fast. Oh, and I love the house boy/house person bit a lot. Dosk came in and giggled at some of it.

      Now I need to figure out what it is reminding me of.
  • No Wait -

    This is *almost* more Canadian:

    If DUE SOUTH was having new episodes produced today, I would want either Fraser or Buck Frobisher's cell phone to have the HINTERLAND WHO'S WHO theme as it's ringtone.

    • Re: No Wait -


      I think I might go with Buck* (if only because Nielson is king of over-acting) and... well, yes.

      *his daughter Julie must have got him one after he went awol hunting down the man who stabbed him in the thigh. Okay, he hid a bit first, then he and Fraser went after him on horseback in Chicago.

      (sorry no buck icon)

      (ETA: if I had a buck icon, it would say "buck up, young man" for entirely obvious reasons.)

      Edited at 2008-06-24 06:29 pm (UTC)
    • Re: No Wait -

      Possibly. *waits*

      This could be interesting. (Uh, "All the Queen's Horses" is a really good Buck episode, I wonder if I can find some caps).

      ETA: no joy so far. Seen part two, like very much. Lizards rule. Also, journalists that get visions to solve crimes? They rule even more.

      Edited at 2008-06-24 06:46 pm (UTC)
    • Re: No Wait -

      While nifty, youtube is getting slower here. So I've probably hit peak time. It's not me stopping because I'm not interested or you are not an awesome purveyor of Canadian joy.
      • Re: No Wait -

        Just wait til Canada Day.

        Whooooole Lotta Canadian Going On next Tuesday - my goal is to make my expat friends in Iowa cry with homesickness.
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