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Oh that's what I forgot | ISP woes return! | Matching

It finally came to me.

Remember the fun in March-April, where my interwebs provider, Company One, subcontracted us to Company Two, with a much much tinier bandwidth and a general lack of communication on Company One's behalf; to the point where Company Two had to hire extra phone staff to cope with the mess?

Guess what? Company One has gone bust - possibly - because they sure as hell are not paying Company Two for the bandwidth/connections etc. Again, total lack of communication; just a vanished website.

I wasn't home for the fun. But bbd has paid Company Two for a month's worth of connectivity (capped, but not as capped as last time) so we can figure out what is going on. *sigh*

Other than that, due south match has returned. I didn't participate last year and the concept still leaves me more than a little baffled. I know I haven't been very conspicuous of late... and my spiritual home probably is team whimsy (uh, krakens, wingfic, dead gansters gangstering from beyond the grave, huge chunks of "On the Inside, I'm a poet"... but (huh) I can't get the enthusiasm up and I'm still trying to get this thing done (I had a burst of enthusiasm earlier and now I am full of dinner and cake).

Would it be whimsical not to consummate this train of thought with a conclusion?

Since I was crazy enough to mention it to one of my co-workers (a co-volunteer?) I've had some blood tests and I am on doctor's orders to eat less sugar and lose some weight. Not as bad as I was dreading, but I am about as athletic as a bag of potatoes and that goes double for my confidence doing things like that. Still, have managed a whole chunk of days since staying away from the emergency Ritter Squares. Even if bbd keeps making comments about Bourneville*

(*I really like Bourneville; it is a dark chocolate Cadbury's bar and the name of a town he founded)

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