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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Houseperson | Work | Seeing Things

Houseperson | Work | Seeing Things

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hcl: joenbilly
"Work" had a staffing crisis, so I got a call at 9.30 and ended up on the bus to town. Sadly, I had forgotten that bbd and mummyfrog were going to be elsewhere, so ended up getting a single there and a single back. If anything else, Stagecoach (the bus company) are damn good at highway robbery.

Everyone was disgruntled at "work" so it felt like I was being followed by a cloud of bad humour. Went to park for lunch. Pasta salad with oven-roasted toms and feta. Not sure why I'm telling you guys, I don't normally talk about my food.

Last night was deeply amusing with papajoemambo showing me some Canadian you-tubed awesome in the form of "Seeing Things" a seventies "quirky Canadian detective show" featuring a psychic reporter who solves crime. And there are some lovely touches of silliness, especially when our hero addresses somebody as "so, you're the houseboy?" "no" "houseperson?". That amused me greatly, even if I have a tough time getting to youtube in the evenings.

We also had some delightful PSA's about Canadian wildlife called (really) Hinterland Who's Who. We would like to know which Mountie would set his ring-tone to the theme tune.

First attempt at youtubery *crosses fingers*

I love the absolute monotone seriousness. Actually, I might like the beaver one even more, but hey, what can say Canada better than a moose?
  • HWW is the bomb. I was so happy when they brought it back. \o/ The only thing better is the Heritage Minutes.
    • It's just awesome. Sadly, that sort of short interesting content seems to be going down (on non-BBC channels at least) which is more than a shame, because I like shorts about morris dancing or reintroduction of wild pigs (I think they want to do wolves in Scotland). Sadly, a news-filler segment just won't do!

      - Oh boy, am I passionate tonight? I should translate that into writing before I explode... -

      Those HWW segments are just dang adorable. :-)
    • The fun part is that everyone knows the HWW theme. \o/ It's, like, our other other anthem, after the Hockey Night theme (which the CBC lost the rights to because the song owners are greedy bitches and it is causing us NATIONAL PAIN OKAY.)
      • That's just mean. Really mean. Super extra mean with mean on top.

        (Not that I would be much troubled if they stole the Grandstand theme (even if I might be able to hum it) I'd just wonder why they didn't take the whole damn thing and be done with it.)

        *pets your NATIONAL PAIN*

        Thanks to you, I am now thinking about Canadian sex.

        • It's all good, CTV, a non-publically funded netwrk has teh rights to themusic now and will play it as it cross-programs games in different time slots.

          The Hockey Night In Canada theme is the unofficial national anthem, The Maple Leaf Forever being the one that most people over the age of 60 like best over here.
      • You and I need to perform the HWW theme at can_con2008, Meres! We could totally do it! bohemian__storm and U could chime in, too!
        • It sounds like you know to show a girl a good time!

          Maybe having fun with fen should motivate me to get a job. What a payoff!

          (The only theme I can reliably hum is old school Who)
    • More Heritage Minutes

      Mnnn... "Toast is burning"...

      And McLuhan

      "No, not fly - but he can leap...."

      And my all time favourite:

      These are actually best enjoyed as a 60 second "edu-tainment" break in the middle of a hocky game...
      • Re: More Heritage Minutes

        Awesome (I overuse the word, but I mean it).

        The Toast is burning! And the Joe Schuster one was wonderful. Lois! *grin*

        And the Medium is the Message is just *glee*
  • "I'm not your "pal", Guy!" all of this is quite, quite Canadian

    I may have to disagree with meresy's preference to the Heritage Minutes (with the possible exceptions of the Joe Shuster one, the Marshall McLuhan one, the "Toast is burning" one and, of course, the all time best and most Canadian "Woman - ye know I canna reed a worrrrd..."). DueSouth fans will champion Sam Steele:

    Wait a second, maybe Heritage Minutes *are* the shiz-nit.

    That being said, the only thing nearly as definitively "Hinterland Who's Who" as the Moose and Beaver might be the Arctic Thrush (who has no YouTube upload, alas) the Loon, or the Barren-Ground Caribou

    Edited at 2008-06-25 06:52 pm (UTC)
    • Re: "I'm not your "pal", Guy!" all of this is quite, quite Canadian

      The NWMP one is mint. As are most of the others.

      "Some day we have tar paper roof!"

      "Dr. Penfield, I smell burnt toast!"

      Come on, you can't tell me that's not gold.
      • Re: "I'm not your "pal", Guy!" all of this is quite, quite Canadian

        As I said, I'm willing to concede for Dr Penfield and the Joe Shuster one - besides,it's actually a friend of mine from Ottawa who played Shuster in that spot.

        6 degrees of separation? THREE degrees of Canadian separation.
      • Re: "I'm not your "pal", Guy!" all of this is quite, quite Canadian

        THREE degrees of Canadian separation.

        Seriously! Everybody does actually know everybody, somehow. It's kind of freaky. You probably, like, know my cousins or something.
      • Re: "I'm not your "pal", Guy!" all of this is quite, quite Canadian

        I thought there was one degree and that is you, Joe.

        (uh, have you ever managed to track down the dystopian future with radishes? I think I was sold on it by the description - despite hating radishes - and you were the icing on the cake)

        (I made cake at the weekend, I would have saved you some, but bbd ate it and it would have been squishy to ship and it would end up flat like a pop tart)
        • Re: "I'm not your "pal", Guy!" all of this is quite, qu

          Flat cake is tasty...

          ... and often served with syrup.
          • Re: "I'm not your "pal", Guy!" all of this is quite, qu

            Yeep! is there anything you guys wouldn't put syrup on?

            As if Victoria Sponge doesn't have enough calories (and a shed-load of butter inside).
            • He's not your "buddy", Friend...

              We're even worse about bacon...

              Edited at 2008-06-25 08:37 pm (UTC)
              • Re: He's not your "buddy", Friend...

                I was going to go "thank god for an inuedo-filled answer" and then some due South slash came back to haunt me.

                I know I made salacious comments at one point. Hmm... I just can't find it.

                ETA: I found Canadian Cream Tea, but I'm sure there's something at large in due South fic somewhere. Maybe I should ask ds_ficfinders

                Edited at 2008-06-25 09:01 pm (UTC)
    • Re: "I'm not your "pal", Guy!" all of this is quite, quite Canadian

      The Sam Steele one rocked like a rocking thing.

      Why is the toast burning?

      And carribou are a) awesome and b) Fraser's dinner (although he only believes in responsible carribou hunting after a traumatic childhood experience).
  • w00t for the Hinterland theme! meresy is totally right - the only thing more awesome is the Heritage Minutes. Canada REPRESENT!
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