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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Tiny little post-ette

Tiny little post-ette

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hugh house
Uh, back over at buzzy's good parts of scans_daily, there is a wonderful geek-tastic Claremont rationalisation of the whole Jean/Phoenix/Maddie Pryor* which is making me very happy: Seemingly untitled bit about Jean as the White Phoenix somewhere other than our local plane which makes a heckuva sense. (And I already loved the White Phoenix - even if she is hard to spell - at the end of Morrison's run, which I glugged down like a happy fangirl).

And, yes, I like Chris Claremont.

Why does it feel like being hauled up by the House Committee of Uncomicgeek Activities? And make me feel like quoting Uncle Lenny in Democracy is Coming to the USA: I like the place, but I can't stand the scene. It pretty much sums up my feelings and is why I keep the heck away from Newsarama and back away carefully from some of the stuff on scans_daily. Hell, papajoemambo and I can sing a romantic duet about it.**

*Yes, named after the english folk singer.
** I'm thinking Evita, despite only really knowing it from "Don't Cry for me, Marge and Tina" (which I think was the Goodies' handiwork and proof of their continued awesome)

  • I haven't posted anything to scans_daily since one of their local nerd-os decided that I was specificly deciding to make his specific life specificly difficult by posting one gag as a teaser in a post that then had three pages of OTHER good material in a book that he had bought, was going to read anyway, and just hadn't gotten around to yet.

    The ensuing pedantry was enough to make me say "Fuck all of yas" a good 3 years ago.

    I then see things that I've posted to my own blog repeated at Scans_daily about three or four days later (see ref: Jean Grey and the duckies in X-M:FC)

    • Hey, look on the bright side: you met ME!

      (adding some imaginary sparkles to that)

      I just tend to avoid the more irritating posts and go for what I might actually want to look at.

      That said, people can be jerks everywhere, especially the internet.

      • Yes, and I continually count my blessings since.

        There's a very shiney Peter Parker / Bruce Banner / Jean Grey comic story dedicated to you and a few others up on Pappy Central right now, B.

        Edited at 2008-06-27 03:17 pm (UTC)
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