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Ouch. Ouch. Head hurts.

Couldn't go back to bed because That Girl Next Door is listening to music in the garden again. She uses the cunning technology of turning the sound up really loud, rather than, say, using some form of portable music player and headphones. *grr*

Sent off one application for a tea-girl office-monkey job. Phoned about volunteering opportunities.

You didn't want to see me yesterday. Very grouchy about paid employment and the general state of the universe, including that I feel incredibly boxed-in in Dover. And that there isn't anything on the horizon, because there is no horizon.

(The last bit, I might be channeling On the Inside a bit much. Turnbull uses some really cool metaphors in the scene back at the hotel. papajoemambo says it is really good. I had a flash of insight yesterday, but it was for something some way away as I write chronologically (or try to, otherwise I'll start getting my wires crossed).

Oh, I forgot an end bracket)

Going to do something other than screen work now as brain sore and boring. Might be back later. Have done chores at least.
Tags: brane, headaches, on the inside i'm a poet

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