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Website Update.

Remember what I said this morning about vegging out. Strike it.

I finally developed the impetus to update the Leisure Hive.

The impetus in question came from this entry on ds_recsredux by green_grrl on horror/supernatural/fantasy due South fic. I recommend the entry because there is stuff I haven't read yet. And things I have been meaning to read. And perhaps, a little mention of a big, fannish project.

The last one is Episodic Romance
(Fraser/Kowalski R 70,000 words
Film students, dead gangsters, becoming Ray Vecchio, Old Chicago, and familiar faces
Also; formatted into sections for reading sanity)

Smart people will guess that I was humming and ha-ing a little, since it was in the Red Ships Green Ships 'zine and times out in a week or so. I am hoping jumping the gun isn't some terrible breach of fannish ettiquette when - for technical reasons our of yeungmaisu's and my hands - the copy over at the zine has been down for some time. *wibbles a little*

I'm not sure whether to ds_noticeboard this yet.
Tags: bfp, episodic romance

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