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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Mysteries all around

Mysteries all around

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kowalski: pinboard

Work very boring. Book reading at work =/= boring. Chabon: Yiddish Policemen's Union. Fantastic. Half way through. Do not spoil me on this one (even if Chabon is really good, nu). Yiddish very interesting.

(I think I have a yiddish dictionary on del.icio.us somewhere. I needed to spell tsochkte - uh, I am spelling optional today)

Internet situation continues to be antihappymaking.

_unhurt_ has sent me a MYSTERIOUS PACKAGE. Came home to find the_dosk left me an ELUCIDATING MESSAGE to remind me that unhurt says on the back "do not open until Thursday".

I am a good girl. If I can do sensible eating, I can do anything.

Even Clementine - boss - thinks I have lost weight. Suggested scales. I continue to let scales lie dreaming beneath waves of Argos catalogues.

ETA: a week for buzzy!reccing. Uh, ramen_addict hit "Floating Islands Are Invariably Krakens" on the ds_recsredux Canada strand. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 rec here! *squees*

Okay, so reccing is a pretty darn good form of flattery and I like approval. And I should not feel guilty for being wired this way
  • (Anonymous)
    Hmm, on a day as hot as this one, boring work sound better than too much work :)
    What is sensible eating? Can you tell me how to do it? My menues look weirder every day. This one started with pudding (blancmange?) and seems to have ended with it again. Somehow I doubt that half a liter of pudding a day cannot be healthy :)
    • I am sure there are many benefits to blamange (yerk! Or at least school blanmange is foul. French tinned can be agreeable sometimes) , for instance it does not cause manual wear and tear on the teeth. Here we were damp and humid. Not a fantastic combination even if you work in a tin box. Sensible involves not eating huge portions or nice sweet or snacky things. More fruit and veg. Doctor's orders.
  • Yay rec of Chabon! I was so pleased to see it in paperback at the Borders while waiting for the 15 minutes to Chinese to elapse.

    Shall tell you my rx soon!
    • Thus far, it is very nice and tasty, rather like Chinese.

      (The worst thing about such food is the urge to sing Monty Python's "I like Chinese"

      They nearly come up to your knees!
      They're smart and efficent and ready to please!)

      Looking forward to extra recs.
  • Yaaaaaay, recs! That was a fascinating, vivid story, I'm not surprised people remembered it.

    By the way: I got your envelope! The cat finds it fascinating. Did you dip it in catnip? (or turkey?) <3 <3 <3
  • you can open it now!

    (hey - how'd you know it was from me? i think i forgot to put "sender" on the outside.)
    • Book! And Crocodile! *glomps*

      You are an archaeologist, you reuse envelopes. But addresses are a little hard to obscure. How do you think I found you?
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